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I had born in basra city the southern reageon of iraq from an aducated family ,My parents were working as a lecturers at the technical institute of basra , i graguated from Al-Markazia primery school in 2002 with GPA 85.8 digree which is qualifies me to enter the Faculty of Engineering college but i prefered to inter the collage of sciences - computer department because it was my dreem to be a software engineer one day and that what i have acheaved now after i got my master digree in coputer science as a software engineer from Jamia Hamdard University (INDIA) - 2013.

There are a lot of stop pionts in my life and each of it was lefts a signifcant effect in my career , some of that was the secrit behaind my successes . 

At the begining I didt stick with my field as a software engineer during  performing multiple jobs , but I always used my knowledge and experience in the field of computers and networks to develop the nature of the work I do.

I travil to many countries  ( Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Turkish, UAE, Malaysia and India ) in india i spend 15 years, from there i developed  half of my skills as india is very developed country in computer an IT field and from there only i got my MSc Of computer science and software engineering, and five more defirent sertificates in IT, Cisco, .NET, Syber and Internet Security.

all of that leaded me to have excellent organizational skills, and ability to work hard and learn quickly along with a strong academic background.

and made me profisional  in Networks, CCTV systems, Ticketing systems, JavaScript, OSI, Adobe Photoshop, C++, MS Office (Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint) and fluent in English.


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BSc of Computer Sciences
College of Science -Basra University (2006)

As an outcome of this study i was able to develop one of the image enhancing algorithms using wiener filter.

M.Sc. In Computer Sciences & Software Engineering
from College of Sciences – Jamia Hamdard University – India . (2013)

o First division level award on graduating. o Complete huge research on computer and network titled as “GPS POSITIONAL NAVIGATOR AND LIVE MOVEMENT TRAKER WITH HANDSET PROFILE CHANGER AND LOCATION INFORMER” and build an application to implement that Practically.


Sales Management & Programs developer
Basra Company for medical services and instruments. (March, 2006 - January, 2009)

I was Manage and maintain the company sale program and database, along with resolve IT queries from staff within 24 hours’ timeframe including successfully troubleshooting application problems. As an achievement there I Redesigned the sale App to make more user able to use the application and generate reports depend on user authorities which lead to increase the performance of sale by 30% as well as providing an option for customers to buy and manage their accounts smoothly. required required

Customer Service Assistant
Marajulbahrain Telecommunications Company (Ltd)- ((Zain Telecom Agent)) (January, 2007 - January, 1970)

There I was responsible of provide technical support to employs and customers post sales and handled the cash transactions and operate registers and participate in quarterly stock takes. and as an achievement there I got the Staff Member of the Month Award – March, May, Jun, Aug, Oct 2007, Jan, Fab 2008.because of Developing the database of the company to meet the sales and finances requirements and build a local network and CCTV systems to monitor the workflow and help the management to diagnose the work problems.

HOS of the Information Technology Section
Almaaqal University (January, 2023 - Present)

All the responsibilities of IT section such as The administration part of the University which requires the interference of IT section. Plans, designs and implement the network infrastructure of the entire University. Maintenances of most of devices (computers, network devices, printers, CCTV devices, LAB devices, Monitors, Control Units … etc.). Managing the WEB site of the University. Managing the entire network of the university including (Servers, switches, routers, intercoms devices, employs and students attendant systems, E-Gates, CCTVs, access points… etc.). Tracking the technical problems and find a real and fast solution for it. Monitoring and solving data security issues. Leading the organization to the complete digital transformation.

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International Training Certificate ITC

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The International Training Certificate (ITC) from the International Academy for Consul ...

Asst. Lec. Saif Jabir Elesedy

24 June, 2023
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